Promoting Education with the coordination of Health and Environment!
» Who we are?

TAMUR FOUNDATION NEPAL (TFN) is a non-profit NGO (Non-Government Organization) registered in 2014, the purpose of which is the education, health and environment in Nepal especially in the rural area of Eastern Development Region “Damphe, Dhankuta”. The same year it was affiliated with Social Welfare Council under the Ministry of Women and children. Education is the candle which shows the light in the dark area. Similarly, we believe that with the help of education, health and environment will develop automatically. The main objective is to give children who otherwise could not, the benefit of education; equally TFN aims at improving the conditions of people whose health is endangered at preserving the environment for the next generations. It believes that through education, everything can be achieved. Indeed, without education, it is difficult to face the challenges in the field for health and environment.

So, the main philosophy of the TFN is to provide educational support poor children by giving them a second chance to live a better life. TFN would like to develop their own personality in a land of tradition as Nepal.

For these reasons, TFN wants our own school “PERMANENT SCHOOL” to be accessible to the destitute children so as to decrease the illiteracy rate among the underprivileged families. Nepal is struggling to provide basic education to its student as well as in health and environment. Expensive private schools are creating a widening gap between rich and poor student and the lack of schools in the target area, has kept the destitute students away from the available opportunity in the country.

The Dhankuta district, which is mainly inhabited by the Rai ethnical group, includes 35 villages development committees (VDC) among which, Ankhisalla (DAMPHE) which is in our special focus. While rich in culture, religion and history the people from this VDC is economically very poor and they lack the availability of health and education facilities. 594 km from the capital, the districts geographical and topographical features have made it hard to gain access to development aid.

Our final purpose is to empower women to play a participatory role in the sustainable development of Nepal.

Tamur Foundation Nepal mission is to assist the rural communities/societies through several need-based programs and activities.

» Latest News
TFN has launched the program i.e. “PRIVATE COURSE” in Damphe area, Dhankuta.
It is about the tuition classes, painting, art and craft, paper work, awareness program relate to health and environment and many more.
We are looking forward for the sponsors/god mother/support to the children (specially for the girls) in the mountains at the foot of the Himalayas, DAMPHE.
We are looking for volunteers to make a personal difference in the lives of our children while enriching your own life at the same time !
We are going to raise funds for the victims who are in endanger of Earthquake. So, your warm supports are hearty welcome.
We are going to have a solidarity program in next summer, 2016 holiday in the topic of construction, animation, water project, education, awareness programs relate to health and environment. and so on.
We just collected some clothes for earthquake victims. Thank you very much who supported us.
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Tamur Foundation Nepal (TFN)
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