Promoting Education with the coordination of Health and Environment!
» Objectives

Ideal statement

The world will be seen nice, when each and every child smiles.


“Healthy children in a happy community”

“Happy Community” means sociology-economically prosperous people, living in peace and the members of which have equal access to the local resources. Of course, it includes creative, educated and physically and mentally healthy children.

Such a community should be desirous to make their village and region a model to other villages.

To carry out this mission, TFN will develop partnership and co-ordination, focus on children, and awareness to make sustainable development possible in a self-reliant an equitable society.

Sponsor Projects

  1. To make co-ordination & partnership with stakeholders at all level for proper utilization of local resources for the child focus development.
  2. To establish relationship with domestic and foreign donors to raise funds in order to fulfill the above objectives.
  3. All income of the Fundraising Trek  run by TFN is used to help the local community in need of medical supplies, income generation, school supplies, etc.
  4. To facilitate trekking guides and porters especially Rai Heritage Trail and Makalu and Kanchenjunga area income generation for local people.
  5. To improve existing agriculture practice and training to sustainable generate income.
  6. To empower and include the awareness level and capability of the disadvantaged and marginalized people especially women and children of the rural community.
  7. To crate local handicraft marketing centre.
  8. It will support for development and preservation of various caste, art, culture, religion, literate and scriptures of different groups.
  9. To upgrade the life style of rural area by utilizing local community resources.
  10. To support the poor, orphan and the disabled children in the “DAMPHE” community.
  11. To construct and renovate the trekking route of this village.
  12. To design and implement the development projects by addressing the development goal adopted by the state.
  13. To provide scholarship for the poor, destitute children.
  14. To provide adult literacy class.
  15. To provide health facility.
  16. To provide professional training to unemployed young people.
  17. This will be a public oriented non-profitable corporation.
  18. To renovate pilgrimages sites of this village.
  19. Rural Community Development, Tree Planting and Organic Farming.


Social Justice, Inclusion, Reality, Impartiality & Sustainability

Target Group

Women and Children, who are economically & socially backward as well as marginalized community

Focus Area

Children, Health, Education, Environment, Awareness raising & Income generation

Entry Pointhe 

Children Home, Children Clubs, Women Groups & Community, Health and Environment.


Donations  (for specific or unspecified projects)

Sponsors (Scholarship for students)

Sales of locally produced goods.


Sponsor the Student

» Latest News
TFN has launched the program i.e. “PRIVATE COURSE” in Damphe area, Dhankuta.
It is about the tuition classes, painting, art and craft, paper work, awareness program relate to health and environment and many more.
We are looking forward for the sponsors/god mother/support to the children (specially for the girls) in the mountains at the foot of the Himalayas, DAMPHE.
We are looking for volunteers to make a personal difference in the lives of our children while enriching your own life at the same time !
We are going to raise funds for the victims who are in endanger of Earthquake. So, your warm supports are hearty welcome.
We are going to have a solidarity program in next summer, 2016 holiday in the topic of construction, animation, water project, education, awareness programs relate to health and environment. and so on.
We just collected some clothes for earthquake victims. Thank you very much who supported us.
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