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Nepal is now officially the poorest country in Asia. The government has only been active in the field of education for the past 50 years. Before that, the status quo thought it unwise to educate the masses. Even today, its focus is still on school buildings. Teachers, teaching materials and the quality of teaching are for the most part outside the scope of the government’s policy.

In Nepal, education in the rural areas still and foremost takes the form of rote learning. The teacher talks (with a load voice, usually to scream therefore better describes the vocal activity of a Nepali teacher) and the students listen and repeat. The teachers try to drill knowledge into young brains, with the help of a bamboo stick or heavy ruler if needed. There is no learning through playing or learning through doing; no activities, neither single nor in small groups; no stage of practicing or producing anything with the knowledge acquired.

Today, in rural Nepal, the approach is clearly teacher oriented. Our vision, conversely, is child oriented; we look at education through the eyes of the child. Children need an affectionate and inspiring environment in which they can develop fully and become who they really are—beautiful children of Mother Earth.

Some of the current issues in the primary education in Nepal:

–          Parents are too poor to pay the costs of better education

–          Children do not have access to drinking water at every school

–          Children are undernourished and thus lack the energy to concentrate for longer periods of time

–          Schools lack materials to teach in creative, interesting ways

–          Teachers lack training to teach in interactive ways that stimulate the children

–          Children are not creative

Child Sponsorship

Sponsor a Child – Change a Life

Give these children what they really need – an Education and a Future!

Would you like to have a godchild in Nepal and support her or him individually and financially?

We scholars the children of the poorest mountain village and who live far from the school. To send a scholar to school, it costs just Euro-8 (~$-11) per month at this time. The amount is used in their study’s fee, tuition’s fee, school’s uniform, school’s materials, snacks during school periods etc.

Education is the most powerful long-term investment for poverty alleviation. Children are individually selected from among the most under-privileged. Your help will transform their futures and that of their families for generations to come.

You will receive regularly receipts and certification about all fees; you paid (tuition fee, school uniform, school materials, etc.)

We transmit photos, report cards and information of your godchild to you. We would be very happy for your kind sponsorship. If you have any questions, Please do not hesitate to contact us-

“to sponsor a child”


» Latest News
TFN has launched the program i.e. “PRIVATE COURSE” in Damphe area, Dhankuta.
It is about the tuition classes, painting, art and craft, paper work, awareness program relate to health and environment and many more.
We are looking forward for the sponsors/god mother/support to the children (specially for the girls) in the mountains at the foot of the Himalayas, DAMPHE.
We are looking for volunteers to make a personal difference in the lives of our children while enriching your own life at the same time !
We are going to raise funds for the victims who are in endanger of Earthquake. So, your warm supports are hearty welcome.
We are going to have a solidarity program in next summer, 2016 holiday in the topic of construction, animation, water project, education, awareness programs relate to health and environment. and so on.
We just collected some clothes for earthquake victims. Thank you very much who supported us.
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